Arts & Music

The Arts & Music program at St. Jane Frances Preschool in Pasadena is designed to follow the vision and mission of our school, to be a joyful center of the New Evangelization that promotes active and engaged learning through faith, discovery, collaboration, and service. 


Abrakadoodle brings art onsite to our school each week. Well-trained teachers, help inspire the children to immerse in learning and creating art.  This sometimes gets messy but the children have a blast! Their expansive art lesson plans are unrivaled, exceeding national standards for visual arts education. 

Music and Art Programs 

Every day the children of St. Jane Frances Preschool experience music and art through active participation in open ended activities, singing, playing instruments, and other forms of creative expression.   

Annual Music Programs 

St. Jane Frances students learn songs to perform for families, friends, and parish at our seasonal music programs. 

Dramatic Play 

Incorporated into our daily program are opportunities for children to engage in dramatic play related to our current theme or study.  Props are utilized to enhance their experiences.