School Charism/Patron Saint

St. Jane Frances

St. Jane Frances was born on January 28, 1572.  While her mother passed away a mere 18 months later, Jane's father became the main influence on Jane's education.  Jane married at the age of 21, and subsequently gave birth to six children, three of whom died in infancy.  All the while, Jane restored the custom of daily Mass and engaged in various charitable works.

Jane encountered another tragedy in her life when her husband was killed seven years into their marriage.  A few years following his death, Jane met Francis de Sales.  Francis became Jane's spiritual director, and while Jane felt eager to become a nun, Francis persuaded her to defer making this step for a period of time.

Three years later, Francis found an institute of women, called the Visitation Nuns, to be a haven for those whose health, age, or other considerations prevented them from entering already established communities.  The usual opposition to women in active ministry arose, and Jane underwent great sufferings, including the death of Francis, her son, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law.

It is evident that Jane endured suffering in her life, but she persevered in living a life of faith and trust in God.  Jane passed away on December 13, 1641.